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TECHNOLOGICAL principle: ultrasounds, cavitation, implosion

Most of our systems consist of a stainless-steel tank fitted with an ultrasonic transducer activated by a high frequency generator. Parts to be treated are placed in a basket and immersed in the cleaning solution in the tank.

how does ultrasonic cleaning work?

how does ultrasonic cleaning work?


The signal emitted by the generator causes the transducer to create a high-frequency wave that travels through the liquid. This wave then produces successive variations of high and low pressure.

During the low-pressure phases, tiny bubbles appear in the liquid: this phenomenon is called cavitation.

During the high-pressure phases, the bubbles implode on contact with submerged surfaces, releasing the energy that created them. In addition, this mechanical energy increases the efficiency of the chemical action of the cleaning solution associated with it.

The FISA group across the world

FISA is an international group that was founded in Europe and has now grown internationally. It is now present in North America and Asia.

Our range of machines and services can cover the needs of our local customers as well as those of large multinationals operating across the world.


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We are in a position where we need to grow our team and add a field technician.

By , 8 June 2020

Updated situation – FISA North America – June 2020

As we continue the fight against the Covid19, more and more companies are reopening their plants, following the automotive industry in particular, after 2 months of complete shutdown.

It is of course too early to say how fast everyone will recover from this unexpected situation, but at least we wanted to share with you some updates about FISA.

By , 8 June 2020

Ultrasonic cleaning of lighters from a well-known constructor : all our explanations on a video

Specialist in ultrasonic cleaning, here is a video demonstrating our know-how.

  • Do you manufacture complex parts?
  • Does your manufacturing process use polishing pastes that you want to remove?

Proof in pictures that FISA can provide you with the solution.

By , 2 April 2020

What is the difference between magnetostrictive, piezoelectric and multifrequency ultrasound?

Its basic principle makes magnetoelastic ultrasound is one of the oldest ultrasound technologies. However, in the past it was very inefficient.

Piezoelectricity was discovered later and this is very cheap and is also imported cheaply from Asia. This explains why many manufacturers turned to piezoelectricity.

By , 22 March 2020

The watch and jewelry market: mainly mechanical watch manufacturers

We mainly target manufacturers of mechanical watches, with neither electronics nor batteries inside.

Today, we work with big names such as Swatch Group brands such as Omega and Breguet, with Jaeger-Lecoultre, Cartier, Rolex, Patek Philippe, etc. (...)

By , 19 March 2020

The medical market: mainly in orthopedics or dentistry

Our main customers in the medical field are implant manufacturers, mostly major international companies in the orthopedic or dental fields.

We also have references among manufacturers of stents, pacemakers, defibrillators, probes, parietal implants, etc. (...)

By , 19 March 2020

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