18 Questions asked about our ultrasonic cleaning solutions

Here are our customers’ most frequently asked questions about our ultrasonic cleaning machines.

Commercial Questions

Do you have a local service facility?

Our technical and commercial teams operate all over the world. We have local offices in more than 9 countries.

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Are your robots manufactured by FISA?

Just like our machines and ultrasonic generators/transducers, our robots are 100% designed and manufactured in our factories.

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How long has FISA been in business?

The company was first founded in France in 1981, and then extended to Italy in 1984, Spain in 1989, Germany in 1991, the USA in 1998 and China in 2014.

Where are your machines manufactured?

Our machines are manufactured in our FISA Manufacturing and FISA Works factories, located in Milan, Italy.

Do you sell to private individuals?

No, we only deal with business customers.

I have a production site in Taiwan, is there a local FISA office?

Our international presence in over 9 countries means we can provide operational service wherever you are located:

  • machine sales,
  • lab trials,
  • spare parts store,
  • detergents,
  • technical services, etc.

We can operate anywhere in the world; in Taiwan, FAP (FISA Asia Pacific) will be your preferred contact.

Technical Questions

Is it possible to see your machines? To test them?

Each FISA subsidiary offers its customers the opportunity to test our machines, to validate the cleaning results obtained on their own parts.
These tests are completely free of charge.

To find out more:  FISA, International designer and manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning machines

What is the maximum volume of a FISA cleaning tank?

There is no real maximum volume for implementing our technology.
Our only limitation is in logistics: it must be possible to transport the tank to its final place of use.

Do you have a catalogue of your machines?

Our approach is very customer-focused, so each machine will be adapted to your request, your needs, your specification, your environmental constraints and your budget.
Our machines are adapted to our customers and not the other way around. As a result, we don’t have a standard machine catalogue.

Do you offer cleaning services?

No, we sell our customers cleaning equipment that they use on their production sites.

Aren’t ultrasonic units too aggressive?

With the FISA process, you have no worries about the surfaces of your parts, no alterations or possible damage.
In addition, real tests are always carried out on your parts so that you can judge for yourself.

Is there a risk that heat will damage my part?

We may have to consider a cleaning process with one or more steps requiring the tanks to be heated.
But don’t worry about your parts, there’s no risk.
To prove it to you, we always carry out real tests on your parts before implementing any design.

Is heat always required?

No, there are cold processes too. However, cleaning efficiency increases almost exponentially with rising temperature.

How does ultrasonic cleaning work?

Most of our systems consist of a stainless-steel tank fitted with an ultrasonic transducer activated by a high frequency generator. Parts to be treated are placed in a basket and immersed in the cleaning solution in the tank.

The signal emitted by the generator causes the transducer to create a high-frequency wave that travels through the liquid. This wave then produces successive variations of high and low pressure.

During the low-pressure phases, tiny bubbles appear in the liquid: this phenomenon is called cavitation.

During the high-pressure phases, the bubbles implode on contact with submerged surfaces, releasing the energy that created them. In addition, this mechanical energy increases the efficiency of the chemical action of the cleaning solution associated with it.

Who should I contact?

How quickly does your after-sales service respond?

For our customers with a preventive maintenance contracts, we undertake to intervene within 48 hours.

I have a project, who should I contact?

Simply send your request using our web contact form. The sales engineer for your area will contact you to get all the necessary details.

I have a question for your after-sales service, who should I contact?

Just write to us using our web contact form, stating your company name, location and your requirement. The technician in your area will then contact you.

I need to buy a spare part, who should I contact?

Just write to us using our web contact form, stating your company name, location and your requirement. The storekeeper for your area will then contact you.