FISA: proof using facts!

Rather than a long sales pitch, we suggest that you judge for yourself, free of charge.

Come and carry out cleaning tests on your parts in our laboratories! Come and visit our production sites!


Trials and application laboratories

We offer 15 application laboratories within our various facilities to provide you proof of the results you will obtain with FISA.

Come and test our solutions on your parts or tools! It’s free of charge!

Make an appointment for a demonstration

Our aims

  • To ensure that the quality of the results produced meets expectations
  • To validate the technical solution developed by our project managers
  • To evaluate the various technologies available
  • To limit the industrial risk for us and our customers
  • To make a practical comparison of processes
  • To meet our customers’ requirements
  • To control the cleanliness criteria under which tests and production are carried out (temperature, humidity, dust level)
  • To enable coating operations

Barcelona (2 Laboratories)

FISA application laboratories – Barcelona

Chicago (2 Laboratories)

FISA application laboratories – Chicago

Karlsruhe (2 Laboratories)

FISA application laboratories – Karlsruhe

Milan (3 Laboratories)

FISA application laboratories – Monterrey

Monterrey (1 Laboratory)

FISA application laboratories – Milano

Paris (4 Laboratories)

FISA application laboratories – Paris

Shanghai (1 Laboratory)

FISA application laboratories – Shangai

Our resources

  • Clean room (ISO 8 class)
  • Automatic recording of test parameters using our FISA Traceability System facility
  • Machines identical to those supplied to our customers (same robotics, MMI, ultrasonic unit, water treatment)
  • Monitoring and analysis system

Production sites in Italy

Right from the start, FISA chose to control its manufacturing process itself, from A to Z.

Designing and manufacturing your machine in our factories

Not only do we design and manufacture our own ultrasonic units, but our Milan-based plants also produce all the services and components for your facility:

  • R&D,
  • design department,
  • sheet metal work,
  • electronics,
  • automation,
  • loading and unloading systems,
  • water treatment,
  • solid deposition system,
  • etc.

We do not subcontract, we are not intermediaries: we design and manufacture your machine in our factories.

We are bona fide manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaning machines; we offer a complete range of systems: compact, standard or custom-built.

In our design department, we develop cleaning solutions to encompass the totality of your demands and restrictions.