R&D: driving expansion of the FISA Group

The FISALABS Director gives an update on the Research & Development organization in the FISA group:

  • 2 departments are dedicated to specific research projects,
  • in addition to research work conducted every day by our project managers in our various test laboratories.

What are the roles of the group’s research departments?

Research is performed by our dedicated teams in the test laboratories set up in each FISA company.

However, two specific business units also deliver our technological innovations: FISALABS and Fimm.

  • FISALABS is our research department, responsible for designing new IT and electronic technologies. It’s based in Milan, Italy.


  • Fimm is the department that designs the cleaning products and detergents used for our cleaning solutions. Its research laboratory is based in the Paris region at Savigny-sur-Orge.
Massimo Marolda - Fisalabs Director

Massimo Marolda – Fisalabs Director

What is the role of FISALABS in the FISA group?

FISALABS designed the tools, plugins, user interfaces and electronic circuits used in our machines.

Based on the same site as our manufacturing plant, the department currently has 4 full-time engineers: electronics and computer engineers, specialists in applied industry.

When FISALABS was created, our aim was to guarantee the department a degree of independence as we didn’t think that financial benefits would be the most important criteria in deciding what research to conduct.

That’s why FISALABS has its own budget.

How do you decide the research conducted in this department?

We can identify 2 main types of research:

  • technical projects
  • improvements and long-term projects.

In both cases, we study every detail of the information provided by the quality department and we’re in continuous contact with our sales branches: our sales teams know exactly what our customers need.

10% of the FISA Group’s sales revenue is allocated to Innovation and Research. In each country, test laboratories are available for our customers to validate our technical proposals.

, 12 March 2020