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W tym dziale znajdziesz nasze artykuły techniczne: jak działa mycie ultradźwiękowe, dedykowane rozwiązania techniczne opracowane dla naszych klientów itp.


What is the difference between magnetoelastic, piezoelectric and multi-frequency ultrasound?

Its basic principle makes magnetoelastic ultrasound is one of the oldest ultrasound technologies. However, in the past it was very inefficient.

Piezoelectricity was discovered later and this is very cheap and is also imported cheaply from Asia. This explains why many manufacturers turned to piezoelectricity.

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The watch and jewelry market: mainly mechanical watch manufacturers

We mainly target manufacturers of mechanical watches, with neither electronics nor batteries inside.

Today, we work with big names such as Swatch Group brands such as Omega and Breguet, with Jaeger-Lecoultre, Cartier, Rolex, Patek Philippe, etc. (...)

Autor: , 19 marca 2020

The medical market: mainly in orthopedics or dentistry

<p>Our main customers in the medical field are <strong>implant manufacturers, </strong>mostly major international companies<strong> in the orthopedic or dental fields</strong>.</p>
<p>We also have references among manufacturers of stents, pacemakers, defibrillators, probes, parietal implants, etc. (...)</p>

Autor: , 19 marca 2020

R&D: driving expansion of the FISA Group

The Director of FISALABS gives an update on the Research & Development organization in the FISA group: 2 departments are dedicated to specific research projects, in addition to research work conducted every day by our project managers in our various test laboratories.

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Coating is a varnishing process where we apply a layer of varnish to a lens in order to make it more resistant or to give it special properties when it reacts with light...

Dip coating consists of immersing a lens in varnish, which makes it possible to ensure that both sides of the lens have the same properties. As a general rule, applying varnish makes lenses stronger and scratch-resistant.


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This sector represents nearly 20% of the group's turnover.
Our method, which combines ultrasounds and the chemical action of a cleaning product, allows us to achieve a high level of performance.

It is this high level of quality that allows us, in the aeronautics industry, to respond to markets for the production of new parts but also in the field of maintenance.


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Technical and financial advantages of ultrasonic cleaning for the maintenance of tooling and molds :
- non-abrasive technology,
- improved cleaning quality,
- increased shelf-life for your molds and tooling,
- less time spent on maintenance,
- partial dismantling of molds,
- masked time working,
- lower running costs


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FISALABS conducts research within the group.
Among their latest developments, the Machine Controller Unit (MCU) is a powerful control and management HMI that enables you to program FISA machines.

What is the purpose of the Machine Controller Unit (MCU), and why was it developed ?

The MCU is a machine control and management HMI that has been entirely created by FISA.


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