FISALABS conducts research within the group.
Among their latest developments, the Machine Controller Unit (MCU) is a powerful control and management HMI that enables you to program FISA machines.

What is the purpose of the Machine Controller Unit (MCU), and why was it developed ?

The MCU is a machine control and management HMI that has been entirely created by FISA.

The MCU can manage and configure all the machines sold by FISA. . Its extremely powerful software consists of two parts. One part of the software is fixed and cannot be modified by the customer.  The other part can be programmed or reprogrammed by the customer according to requirements. With the MCU, it’s possible to adjust cleaning parameters or modify cleaning sequences without prior knowledge of programming. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for people with no programming or development experience to program the settings on their machine.

The MCU uses all the most recent technology that is currently available. It is based on a Sql / Xml database and Net C# programming language. We have also taken great care in designing the graphic interface to supply « responsive » software that automatically adjusts to different screen sizes. It is also possible to customize data display according to user needs. The software is completely secure and offers the possibility of managing a list of system users. There are several access levels with customized access levels and settings according to the user profile. Levels are accessible for operators, maintenance or managers. The MCU can manage both simple and highly complex machines.


How will the MCU evolve in the future ?

Our aim is to make the MCU even more practical even more accessible and still just as user friendly for our customers. We also want to make it simpler to set the parameters on machines for more complex cleaning cycles which is a particular requirement that we have identified in the optical sector. We are also working on improving the reliability of the MCU by adding security components, notably by setting up a RAID system to save data on several different hard disks. We are also going to study ways of improving machine availability if there is a malfunction or a hardware problem. Finally, regarding the graphical interface, the next generation MCU will incorporate a perfectly accurate representation of the machine. This representation will be done by a 3D graphic designer to have an even more realistic representation of the machine, which will make it even easier for operators to understand.


Is the MCU compatible with any operating system ? Do you send out regular updates to your customers ?

At the moment our software is only compatible with Microsoft Windows, which is the only operating system in the industrial sector that we aim to supply.

We also ensure updates of our software and plugins. They are installed on-site by FISA technicians. Updates can also be installed remotely via an internet connection.

Generally speaking, this is the main point that we always take into consideration, we have learnt to match up our proprietary technology with the commercial technologies that our customers use.

It’s a question of finding the right balance to remain accessible to other software.

, 1 października 2019